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Qtica products

QTICA uses only the finest ingredients from France, Switzerland and South America. The non-allergenic products are recognized for superior results in the treatment of dry or damaged skin, hands, feet, lips, and nails.

Provoc Pencils copy

Provoc products

Provoc was the first to confidently introduce the semi permanent gel pencils in the market.

Intense, attractive, efficient and for any skin type  Lip Liner Fillers, Eyeliners & Brow Liners which can also be used for eye shadow. They are multi-functional and smudge-free after you apply and wait for a few minutes.


BioEtic Bijoux

The ONLY ONE in the world to have no Lead.

The material is partly recycled, free of toxic and/or carcinogenic substances, Nickel Tested and Hypoallergenic.

Be amazed by the quality of BIOETIC BIJOUX and discover a new way of dressing beauty accessories. The first jewelry that loves nature…



Organic. Natural. Specialized. Solution-specific. Easy. Luxurious. BCL SPA’s maintenance and treatment lines are the first all-in-one treatments for the hands, feet, and body with certified organic ingredients. Mani Sation renews dry, aging hands with revitalized youth as Pedi Sation detoxifies and soothes tired feet.


Drop-It Handbags

The idea of drop-it bag organizer is very simple. Just load your essentials into your drop-it bag for a clutter-free handbag. To switch handbags, simply lift the drop-it by the handle and transfer into your next bag. No worries about forgetting anything



Havaianas stands for style, comfort, affordable Luxury, and positive energy.


Opal Jewellery

All Chains are made of 18K yellow gold. The shapes are made of synthetic opal


Philip Stein – Horizon collection

The Horizon collection showcases contemporary fashion, culture and design at its finest, by offering not only a beautiful accessory but by aiming to improve quality of life on a day-to-day basis. Each bracelet in the collection houses Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology that may help to improve focus and cope with stress. The combination of exquisite design and modern technology capture an essence of luxury wellbeing that can brighten up your life in more ways than one.


Philip Stein – Horizon sport bracelet

The Horizon Sport bracelet is sweat and water resistant, and to be used during high activity in the gym or outdoors and designed to improve your overall performance.

Inner balance and inner strength are important for every athlete. The technology inside the Horizon sport bracelet helps to channel this energy. Inside each Philip Stein Horizon Sport Bracelet is our unique Natural Frequency Disc designed to help you feel More Balance, Increased Focus and Improved Performance.


Philip Stein – Classic sleep bracelet

The Classic Sleep Bracelet is Philip Stein’s original nighttime accessory, designed to help wearers sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. Each bracelet in the collection comes with either rose gold plated or stainless steel case, with a choice of comfortable blue, tan and brown interchangeable straps.


Philip Stein – Slim sleep bracelet

The Slim Sleep Bracelet was designed to be a modern, refined and convenient nighttime accessory, designed to help wearers sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. Each bracelet features an interchangeable strap that comes in a variety of colors and a glass window that showcases Philip Stein’s unique Natural Frequency Technology disc.



The world’s first 100% European made water soluble nail polish that is easily washable and made especially for little glamour girls — with no harmful chemicals or toxic substances. Now families can rest easy that dress-up and imaginative play stay safe, simple and sustainable.


Ylabes Soap

“Natural, Fresh and Handmade is what describes all of our products at Ylabès. Starting from our ingredients that are all natural and sourced locally and internationally from reliable, ethical, environmental conscious suppliers. We make all our products in small batches, while utilizing minimum packaging material to maintain the freshness that you will enjoy. We eliminate all chemicals what so ever to make sure what goes on your body, and hair is all natural. All essential oils, spices, vegetables, roots, and herbs are well selected to insure their effectiveness in a gentle manner. We create with passion  by hand all our bath soaps, shampoo bars, bath salts, bath fizzes and essential oils while maintaining our love for nature and basics.”